Aside From Our Industry-Leading Virtual Telecasts, Mission Critical Also Lends Our Talents and Tools to Help Planners From All Around The Globe. 

It’s Not About The Platform, It’s About The Experience

We’re A Proven Professional Broadcast Partner Who Steps Way Out Of The Conventional To Create Transformational Virtual Experiences.  


Platform Selection

The platform is the starting point of any good event.  We can help you choose or custom create the perfect vehicle for your program based on your specific needs.  

Professional Broadcast & Video Management

Quality is everything and we can help give you the technical expertise and production value you’ll need for the best event, from the simple stream to sending lighting and video kits, and even hot spots out to your speakers.  

Content Curation and Creation

Content is King in 2020, and you need to have the best content possible to hold your audience.  We can help with everything from speaker selectiona and sourcing, to pre-event coaching on how to connect with a virtual audience. 

Virtual Exhibit Halls and Interaction Experiences

While nothing can perfectly translate the live exhibit hall experience, we’ve worked with our partners to develop tools and platforms that create new, living interactive experiences for your attendees and exhibitors. 

Virtual Gifting and VIP Bags

Everybodys favorite part of an event is always the swag.  We work with the top companies in the business to give you the most creative and engaging gifting solutions, from a digital VIP Bag, to branded swag delivered direct to your attendees, and everything in between.  

Engagement and TeamBuilding

Who says you can’t make contact?  The right activity or engagement tool can bring your teams together for good, old-fashioned fun.  From virtual luncheons, happy hours, wine tastings and cook-along classes, to a curated library of on-message downloadable bestselling business books, poker tournaments, escape rooms and more.  


From local acts to major headliners, we can help you procure any variety of entertainers to wow your audience including singers/bands, comedians, illusionists, mentalists, and variety/circus acts.  


The cutting edge of the cutting edge.  What if your CEO could address the entire company from a virtual stage without needing to travel?  We work with top partners in holographics to create the impossible.  

Marketing & Branding

Do you want to host an event or create a brand?  We can help with all aspects of design, branding and marketing for your program.  

Security & Secured Events

Many companies and industries now require higher levels of security than most platforms can offer.  We work with our partners to provide whatever levels of security your specifications demand.  

Adaptive Events and Translations

We can adapt any virtual event or enterainment to special needs audiences.  From captioning and sign language interperters, to reduced lighting and audio levels for Autistic audience members, we can work with you to make sure your event is enjoyable and inclusive for all.  We can also provide live translation services for international programs. 

Hybrid and On-Site

As the industry transitions more towards the hybrid model of the future, we can help assist with all of your on-site and group needs including sourcing space, lodging, a/v and production, entertainment, food and beverage, and on-site management. 



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