Any events on this website will be done within any and all CDC and WHO Guidelines at the time they are produced. Aside from the aformentioned we will be taking additional steps including distribution of individual hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes for all exhibit spaces, and individually wrapped food and drinks to ensure the health and safety of all who attend and participate.

unprecedented challenges require unprecedented action. 

We will rise again…

We’ve all seen a deluge of emails recently from many of the fine organization in our industry offering words of encouragement as we navigate these uncertain times.  Unfortunately our industry has been shaken like we’ve never seen, One where words alone are not enough to get meetings and events back in production; nor get people back to work.

We need action and big, bold vision to revitalize our industry.

This is why Knowledge Exchange is launching the #SaveTheMeetings initiative.

Very simply, #SaveTheMeetings is based on the adage that actions speak louder than words.  It takes us beyond ‘We’re here…’ into ‘Let’s do…’. We are investing all of our energy and resources toward moving forward. We’re designing programs that will resuscitate our industry while importantly offering support to those whose employment might be at risk.

We have a plan…and we are moving ahead. Join us!

Everything we do, we must do BOLD.  Below are the BOLD, Industry-chaning initiatives to do our part in helping to #SaveTheMeetings.


Powered by the extraordinary, driven by innovation, and forged in decades of expertise, MISSION CRITICAL  is a new creative vision for what virtual engagement can be, the likes never before seen in our industry.

To start…Twelve Cities, Six Weeks or less!

The #SaveTheMeetings Roadshows and Luncheons will start with the New York to Washington DC markets, followed immediately by New England and Upstate New York. In between, we may add other cities that need our restart strategy.

Follow the button below to see a listing of the first cities we’ll be stopping in and learn more.

Our first focus is to be in the cities most affected and then into those less impacted. Markets all around the country will be merged into the #SaveTheMeetings recovery strategy.

Until all of us are back at the jobs we love, our industry isn’t truly working again.

ELEVATE Events are special events, offered completely FREE, to any planner or supplier who has become unemployed due to the COVID-19 Outbreak.  Job Seekers will be able to network and access valuable resources and services to assist them in the next steps in getting back to that position that they love.



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